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21- Sometimes
"In constant irregular metamorphosis,
I would sometimes stare at the water
Sometimes reflecting a face,
Sometimes another,
Sometimes nothing at all."
The Old Young Man stared at the stars,
Chose a direction North.
Along his walk, he would sometimes lose his way;
Sometimes would he lose his eyes,
Erased by the blowing wind.
Sometimes would he lose his lungs,
Filled with heavy molten lead.
Sometimes would he lose his mind,
Spinning in a never ending cycle.
"In constant irregular questioning,
A swan would sometimes land on the water,
Sometimes sending ripples,
To erase my reflections."
The old young man's ribs now dissolved to ranges far.
Sometimes he would drown in the abyss of his ribs.
Sometimes, to the skies of his ribs, the swan would carry him in her arms.
:icondeviantcharlie:DeviantCharlie 1 6
20 - Limbs
These limbs they are weak
These bones have broken
"What are novas ?"
The Old Young Man wondered
"They are Acid"
Replied the Child
"They are Poison"
Added the Hunter
"They are your sustenance"
Interrupted Therion
These limbs they cannot move
These bones have dissolved
Wind howls in my chest
My tree has charred
My marble spires are shattered
"Where are the stars ?"
Asked the Old Young Man
"You have eaten them"
Said the Child
"You have destroyed them"
Blamed the Hunter
"You have assimilated them"
Reassured Therion
These limbs are dead
These bones are gone
Void occupies my chest
I see the seasons changing
But I see no sky
:icondeviantcharlie:DeviantCharlie 0 0
I am the Sea Creature by DeviantCharlie I am the Sea Creature :icondeviantcharlie:DeviantCharlie 3 34
19 - Azimut
Heat does not die within me,
I sleep under the soil.
When marble melts, and becomes silver ether,
I align the sun with my wide-opened eyes.
I am filled with atmosphere,
Weather listens to my word.
When I am left with no lover, no friend, no family,
I will still have my fangs, my claws, my spikes.
:icondeviantcharlie:DeviantCharlie 0 0
Sweep the landscape by DeviantCharlie Sweep the landscape :icondeviantcharlie:DeviantCharlie 0 50
18 - Remains
The nightingale does not sing.
The trees are hollow.
The wind does not blow.
The bear slumbers.
The wolves stay in hiding.
The crawlers sleep in the soil.
The waters do not flow.
The leaves are dead.
The flowers do not bloom.
The rain does not fall.
The hills are weak.
The lake is empty.
The statue is silent.
There is nothing.
There is only the night terror,
And the sun is still pierced.
:icondeviantcharlie:DeviantCharlie 1 3
17 - Change of Ways
There is a watermill, close to my home,
which had been put out of use, a while ago,
due to its poor conditions.
Yesterday, I heard it churning,
from as far as inside my shelter.
I ran up the stream, to see for myself,
it had stopped, as if it knew I were there.
I stood and contemplated, for a few moments,
until I decided to turn around, and return.
As soon as I made a few steps towards home,
the intriguing sound of wood grinding started again.
I quickly faced the mill about,
it had stopped turning again.
:icondeviantcharlie:DeviantCharlie 0 2
16 - Filth
Les parasites m'ont rongé la moelle,
mais je me tiens toujours debout.
Un serpent habite la paume de ma main gauche,
et un renard la paume de ma main droite.
Dans mon coeur s'est logé un porc,
et un bouc dans mes entrailles.
Je me trouve face a mon lac d'argent
dans lequel je vois, à mon plus grand dégout,
un rat qui se baigne, souillant mes eaux.
Je me rapproche du lac, confus et indigné,
avant qu'il ne me fasse geste de m'arrêter.
"Welcome back, I've been expecting you!"
m'a-t-il dit, avec un sourire dégoutant.
"How long has it been? Do you remember me?
I am your twin brother Therion,
and I have come back to you,
to remind you that we aren't so different,
you and I."
Je me tiens debout, immobile,
fixant le rat des yeux;
Ses paroles polluant mes sens,
comme une peste fait son ravage.
"You're as weak as I remember you.
What happened to your dreams,
those you promised to fulfill,
those you considered far too great
for me to ever understand?"
:icondeviantcharlie:DeviantCharlie 0 9
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